AirLift «Slam-it» Luftunderstell

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Drive it. Show it. Track it.

AirLift Street «Slam-it» komplett luftunderstell.
Rask høydejustering og «mye» senk.

Kan kombineres med forskjellige styringer, feks AirLift sin egen (3P/3H), Airforce eller AccuAir. Kan også kombineres med manuelle styringer.

(Pris kan variere litt på noen bilmodeller)

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AirLift «Slam-it» Luftunderstell   Drive it. Show it. Track it.

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— Slam-it er den løsningen for deg som er ute etter mye senk for en rimelig penge.

— Slam-it gir deg raskt høydejustering og «mye» senk

— Designet for lett montering og utskifting av OEM understell med lite eller ingen modifikasjon.

— 9 justeringsmuligheter for hardhet. (Kun noen få modeller)

— Opptil 2 graders camberjustering. (Kun noen få modeller)

— Opptil 15cm drop på belgene.


Settet inneholder

– Luftbelger og dempere foran x 2
– Luftbelger og dempere bak x 2

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(Pris kan variere litt på noen bilmodeller)

I tillegg til at vi har delelager og den beste kompetansen på luft, har vi også best pris og vi prismatcher både norske og utenlandske nettbutikker!


Er du usikker på hvilket AirLift-understell du skal velge? Se under

When looking for an Air Lift Performance air suspension kit for your vehicle, you may have seen the designation Slam Series or Performance Series. What does this mean? What’s the difference between the two? Which one is right for you? Each product line has its benefits and we’ll detail those below, so you can make an educated choice.

One thing to note: some VW/Audi applications have both options while other applications have one or the other. Using our Find Your Car vehicle selector is the first step in determining which product line is available for your ride!


Slam Series air suspension kits are designed to give you a slammed stance without the harsh ride quality of lowered coils. A Slam Series strut or shock features fixed damping, tuned for that specific vehicle, or our 9-level adjustable damping. In most cases, the struts bolt directly in place of the OEM equipment and come complete with our patented, noise-reducing upper mount for a quiet ride.

Depending on the application, you will see either a double-bellows or a sleeve-style air spring to support the load of your vehicle. These kits are focused on providing an earth-scraping drop while maintaining a great daily ride quality. If you’re looking for the most affordable way to get on air, a Slam Series kit is for you.


Performance Series air suspension kits are the ultimate suspension choice for your ride. All applications feature lightweight monotube shocks/struts with 30-level adjustable damping. Adjustable camber plates are integrated into most struts for perfect alignment or wheel fitment and are engineered with high quality spherical bearing upper mounts**, providing instant damper response and precise steering feel.

Another great feature is that the Performance Series shocks/struts have threaded bodies with adjustable mounts; this allows you to alter the factory set heights to better suit your situation without sacrificing suspension travel. As with the Slam Series kits, Air Lift Performance provides everything needed for easy installation. And while everyone loves the way their car looks laid out on the ground, these Performance Series kits are best enjoyed while in motion! The huge range of damping, mated with our progressive rate air springs, allows you to have a comfortable ride on the highway. And with the twist of the damping knob, you have a track-ready suspension poised to cut a fast lap.

Everything about the Performance Series kits is geared towards maximizing your vehicle’s suspension: lowest drop, best ride, lowest weight, most adjustability, and incredible handling. All proven on racetracks and back roads around the world.

**All struts feature spherical bearing upper mounts while shocks may or may not, depending on application.


If a Performance Series kit and a Slam Series kit are both available for your application, which should you choose? Well, that depends a lot on your priorities. If you’re budget-minded and are looking for daily-driven versatility and maximum drop, then go with our Slam Series kit! However, if your plans include high-performance driving, or you want all of the added features and adjustability, then a Performance Series kit should be on your list of ride upgrades.

Slam Series Performance Series
Shock/Strut Construction Twin-tube Monotube
Shock/Strut Damping Adjustment  None or 9-level  30-level
Shock/Strut Bodies  Non-threaded  Threaded
Upper Mount  Rubber  Spherical bearing on all struts and some shocks
Camber/Castor Adjustment  No  Camber plates on most struts, castor adjustment on some struts
Air Spring Style  Sleeve or bellows  Sleeve or bellows
Finish  Powder coated black with anodized red accents  Black chrome damper bodies, black anodized or powder coated mounts and bright red anodized accents
Warranty  1 year limited  1 year limited
Installation Hardware  Included  Included


Vekt 33 kg